I've had a miscarriage

If you and your partner have suffered the loss of your baby by miscarriage you will have been through a difficult time. Everyone is different: not everyone is affected by grief in the same way - or for the same length of time. Most experience deep sadness as a result of their loss, sometimes leading to depression; some find themselves getting angry. Women often feel irrational guilt for what has happened; a man commonly feels a sense of helplessness - especially as he tries to comfort his partner. Physical symptoms, such as sleep or appetite disturbance, are also very common.

An early miscarriage is particularly difficult as friends are possibly unaware you were ever pregnant; a later one brings the pain of disappointment that you have never held your baby in your arms, the baby you had begun to love and care for.

Everyone's experience is different. Many turning to agencies such as ourselves, are relieved to discover the support and help offered. This enables them to face and deal with certain feelings and emotions, and equips them to move on.

Please do get in touch if you would like to talk.