My partner is pregnant

If this is the news you really did not want to hear or you are not in agreement about the action to take, then you have a challenging time ahead. Take things slowly with your partner: this will not get sorted in just one conversation!

If you or your partner are considering abortion, then it is particularly important that you don't rush but think very carefully and look at all the options. You could make a decision you later regret. It is common for men in this position to offer to support their partner in whichever decision they choose. It is important that the woman does not feel it is being left solely to her but that it is a joint decision. The choice has implications for you both. Maybe your partner would want to have a chance to talk over her feelings with you – and to find out about yours. It is a sad fact that some women, not altogether sure of their own feelings or the father’s, have an abortion expressly to keep the relationship.

You can make an appointment to talk together to a member of our team, or you are very welcome to come in on your own.